What is improvlogic?

Every product, every system, everything made by human beings owes its existence to some measure of improvisation.

improvlogic uses the totality of one or more persons' imaginative devices, experiences, memories, and skill set diversity to move from one point to another in a problem-solving process.

to compose, recite, play, or sing extemporaneously
make, invent, or arrange offhand
to make or fabricate out of what is conveniently on hand.
a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration, the science of the formal principles of reasoning.

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Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Karl J. Benko's web portfolio

Karl J. Benko's interview with artist, Karen Guancione, Middlesex County College.

Vallone's Pastry and Cookie Factory

Karl's website for Vallone's Pastry and Cookie Factory in Carteret, New Jersey.

Biplane Rides Over Atlanta

Karl's new part-time venture for 2013, creative direction for a new business hub for people who sell rides in antique aircraft.


Roger Beck

Roger Beck Portraits

I have known Karl and his work for many years, I have seen the quality and accuracy of his writing especially when it is combined when with his creative ideas, I highly recommend his services.

Nikos Acuna

Digital Advertising and Marketing Executive

Karl has an expansive versatility that has transformed into a powerful creative competency. From conceptual consultation to project execution, Karl has the tools, the knowledge, and most of all--determination to get the job done. He is extremely organized and a highly detail-oriented task manager. He's patient, personable, and extremely intelligent, always up for new challenges, with a positive outlook to make what seems impossible an achievable reality.less
October 15, 2008, Nikos was Karl J.'s client
Customer Communications Director
mPhase Technologies Inc

Todd Nelson

Director of Business Development at Advanced Precision Engineering

Karl is a great guy to work for. He is a good listener. Karl's multimedia design and production work made it easier for me to sell IPTV solutions and network testing hardware for mPhase Technologies.
February 22, 2008, Todd worked directly with Karl J. at mPhase Technologies Inc

Victor Lifton

Experienced leader in technology/new business development: energy storage, advanced materials, electronics, nanotech.

Karl has an amazing array of technical and artistic skills that you'd rarely come by. I am thoroughly impressed by the sheer breadth of his skills and of experiences in movie production, creative writing, graphics and communicating complex technical ideas and products. He is equally at ease in delivering a technical work and a highly polished artistic presentation. I have worked with Karl on numerous multilingual projects and am in awe of his skills and very enjoyable, sociable personality.