How much of a video can a single person, script, shoot, and edit?

These are my answers to that question.

Wouldn't it be great for you to have someone on yourr staff who can come up with videos like these?

A documentary in, around, and about the "Art of Labor" art installation by Karen Guancione at the Museum of Art in Paterson, New Jersey.

An industrial docu-drama that shows a complex Internet Protocol Television scheduling and distribution system at work. This video played an important part in selling this product to IP television networks in Russia and Turkey.

Designed, filmed, and edited for a well-known bellydancer and instructor, Shamira Shahinian, this trailer condenses a two hour long instructional video into highlights that show what to expect from purchasing a copy.

A press release highlight that appeared in the online Scientific American. This short video illustrates the key electrtolytic process that makes it possible to design and manufacture batteries on the nano scale.

A promotional sales video that demonstrates and illustrates the functions and commercial applications of a magnetometer so small that it covers only the mint date portion of an American penny.