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Antique Aircraft Rides
Antique Aircraft Rides
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Kilcommons & Shanahan, Attorneys at Law
Lewis & McKenna, Attorneys at Law
Greg Elias, Attorney at Law
Nancy A. Bergan, Attorney at Law
Thomas, Kennedy, Sampson & Tompkins
Thornton & Names, LLP
Damico, Del Sardo & Montanari
Robert Hinton and Associates PC
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The Speed Firm, PC
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Hardware IPTV
Endoscopic Ultrasound
Fly Into History

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Ford Dealership Golf Tournament
Houston Power Company


Acura of Wayne
Architecture Full Page Ad
AT&T Open Systems
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VIP Honda
Ford Model Introduction
Clinton Acura
Wall Township Honda #1
Wall Township Honda #2
Glassman Laser Dentistry
Jack Perry Ford
Wall Township Honda #3


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Rochester Tech Summer Program
Merck Video Marketing

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Intermodal Shipping Software
Aerospace Capabilities
Harmonic Analysis Software
AT&T Features Administration
Electrocardiography Proposal
IPTV Administrators Guide
IPTV Quick Start Guide
IPTV Subscribers Guide

Words are my friends. Let's make them yours

Here's what happens when I work from your writer's desk. It's a sense of excitement and heightened personal interest among and between the subject matter experts and sales staff. This is because I extend myself to wrap my thinking all the way around their relationships to the product we're working on.

As a Bell Labs Alum, you can count on my affinity and familiarity with respect to sophisticated engineering ideas and protocols.

As an artist influenced by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, David Ogilvy, Richard Feynman, Niel Simon, Larry David, Jean Shepherd, and David Shepherd, you can count on me to write sentences and paragraphs that maintain a firm hold on your readers' attention.

With me on your team you can easily commission detailed animation and video without hiring outside freelancers or contractors. I unconditionally offer your company the ability to extend your product publishing capabilities beyond the usual range of manuals, sell sheets, and web content.

My checkable references will confirm this claim in a heartbeat.

For now, let me leave you with this question: How many more problems can you think of for me to solve as your new technical writer? Please call me at 908-380-1784 to schedule a personal meeting to discuss this question and any you may have for me.

I look forward to meeting you for a conversation that will start us on our way to more success through technical publishing than you may currently imagine.